- Visit of the Kopara reindeer farm (including snowshoeing/skiing trip in the nearby forest)

Duration : 2,5+ hours

Includes : private guide services, car transport, reindeer sled leisure ride, hot drink and reindeer meat snacks around the fire in the forest or under the reindeer farm kota.

Price : Only sold as part of a "combined program" and from January to April. See above, the "combined/customized programs" section of the website.

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- Visit of Pyhä-Luosto national park visitor center.

Duration : 3 hours

Includes : private guide service, car transport (max 4 persons), visit of the nature center, lunch at the cafeteria of the nature centre, possibility for shopping (souvenirs shop, supermarket) in Pyhä.

Price : 125€+ 50€/pers (225€ for 1 or 2 participants, 275€ for 3, 325€ for 4)

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- Combination of the 2 previous programs, full day.

Duration : 5,5 hours+

Includes : private guide service, and see both previous programs.

Price : 220€+ 85€/pers (390€ for 1 or 2, 475€ for 3, 560€ for 4 ) Important : if you don't have your own transportation, this program is not available for more than 4 persons.

this program combine the 2 previous programs, scroll down and have a look at the 2 programs for more information.

Visit of Kopara reindeer farm

  Reindeer and people have a connection that is thousands of years old in what is today called Finland. First by hunting, then through domestication and herding. Today, reindeer herding is still an important economical asset for Finnish Lapland, but has also a big cultural and historical value.  Most of the techniques and the year routines of reindeer herding are the same today and more than 300 years ago.

I pick you from your accomodation in Luosto, and we head for Kopara reindeer farm (15 min drive). During the visit, we will get closer to the reindeers and the reindeer herders, learn about reindeer ecology and reindeer husbandry, and enjoy a nice relaxing leisure ride in a reindeer sled (around 30 min. ). After that, we will have a break around the fire, were we will enjoy a hot drink and some surprising reindeer meat snacks...





PRICE : This program is only sold as part of a combined program (see above), and only from January to  15th April.

INCLUDES : private guide service, car transport, reindeer farm visit, snowshoeing/skiing gear (optional), reindeer sled ride, hot drink and reindeer meat snack around the fire.

Visit of Pyhä-Luosto national park visitor centre

The visitor center of the Pyhä-Luosto national park is located in Pyhä, 30km away from Luosto. It is relatively small, but is providing a lot of very interesting information about the local geology and ecosystems, and give you knowledge about some the most typical elements of the arctic fauna and flora.

I pick you from your accommodation in Luosto, and we drive to the visitor center.  The visit lasts around 45 min. after this, we have lunch in the cafeteria of the visitor centre. If you decide so, before returning to Luosto, you have the possibility to do some shopping. Pyhä is little bit bigger than Luosto, and there can be little bit more choice for finding souvenirs and so on... (note that you can combine this program and the visit of the reindeer farm)

DURATION : 3 hours


PRICE : 125€+ 45€/person (215€ for 1 or 2 persons, 260€ for 3 participants, 305€ for 4 persons)

INCLUDES : private guide service, car transport, visit of the Naava, lunch at the cafeteria.