-Somewhere under the northern lights...

Duration : 3-3,5 hours

Includes : private guide service (not being part of a big group is an invaluable asset for enjoying northern lights !!), car transport if needed, hot drinks and pastry, night snowshoeing gear (if needed), evening surprise!

Price : 130€+35€/person (200€ for 1 or 2 participants, 235€ for 3, 270€ for 4)

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-Northern light express ! (new!!)

Duration : 3-3,5 hours

Includes : private guide services (not being part of a big group is an invaluable asset for enjoying northern lights !! ), car transport (up to 4 persons from Luosto, if needed), hot drinks/grilled Finnish sausage/pastry by a woodstove in a warm and cozy wooden kota, incredible panorama and small surprise to celebrate !

Price : 240€ for 1 or 2 persons, 300€ for 3 or 4 persons, 350€ for 5 or 6 persons.

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... somewhere under the northern lights...

Every year, there are beetween 150 and 200 nights with northern lights  above Luosto (meaning around 50% chance per evening ! ). But, keep in mind that the northern lights are born in the upper layers of the atmosphere, and therefore, they can be observed only by a cloudless evening.

For this reason, the best "strategy" for northern lights watching is just to check the weather forecast few days in advance before your arrival. You can also check northern lights forecast websites, such as : "spaceweather.com" or "auroras now". Once you have selected the best evening, you just contact me to book this program (you can reserve this program by whats-app, text message, or email until 17.00 of the very same day, I usually don't answer vocal calls if I am in the Nature with clients, so let a written message and I'll answer as soon as possible ! First person to call, will be served first ).

I will pick you from the location of your choice in Luosto at 20.00, and we'll head to Pyhä-Luosto national park. Our snowshoeing trip will take us through the snow covered boreal forest all the way to the top of Ukkoluosto fell, and its breathtaking panoram. From the ridge line, we can see in all directions for 80km, and if the northern lights show up, we will be on the first row!!  The track is not difficult, and as we don't have any group pressure, we will take all the breaks we want, to rest a bit, make a picture, or just enjoy the silence of Lapland. Once we are close from the top, we will find a nice, wind sheltered spot, and wait for the northern lights.

DURATION : 3-3,5 hours       (from 20.00 to 23.00+)

PRICE : 130€+35€/person      ( 200€ for 1 or 2 participants, 235€ for 3 participants, 270€ for 4 participants....)

INCLUDES :Hot beverage and cookies/pastry, snowshoeing equipment, car transport from Luosto, head lights, and a small bubbly surprise!     

... the Northern Light Express!! ... (new!!)

This program is devised for people who want to enjoy the Northern Lights from the best possible location, far away from the crowds, and without snowshoeing or skiing all the way to the top of the mountains! 

We meet at the center of Luosto, in the lobby of santa's hotel aurora, at 20.00. (a car transfer can be organize in Luosto, if your group is smaller than 4 persons).

From the hotel's lobby, we walk to the nearest snowmobile track (100m) where a snowmobile and a 6 persons sled are waiting for us. The guide will provide you with helmets, and will drive the snowmobile up to the very top of a local hill, situated in the heart of Pyhä-Luosto national park. The ride lasts about 15-20min. From the top of the hill we benefit from a breathtaking panorama in every direction. The place is one of the best spot in Luosto for northern lights watching!

In order to enjoy the evening in a confortable way, there is a wooden kota (lappish style teepee) equipped with a stove where we can relax and stay sheltered from the wind. We will chill out in a cozy atmosphere, sitting on warm reindeer skins, listening to the whistling of a pot of hot berry juice, and waiting for the northern lights... if we get a little bit hungry, the guide has taken some finnish sausages to grill in folio, on the stove, and some pastries/cookies. If the northern lights show up, we'll celebrate the event with a small bubbly surprise !! 

DURATION : 3-3,5hours 

PRICE : 240€ for 1 or 2 persons, 300€ for 3 or 4 persons, 350€ for 5 or 6 persons.

INCLUDES : private guide services, sled-pulled snowmobile transfer, car transport in Luosto (max. 4 persons), hot drinks/grilled sausages/snacks by the woodstove, in a lappish kota, bubbly surprise to celebrate if the northern lights show up!