-Somewhere under the northern lights...

Duration : 3-3,5 hours

Includes : private guide service (not being part of a big group is an invaluable asset for enjoying northern lights !!), car transport if needed, hot drinks and pastry around the fire (no fire if snowshoeing), night snowshoeing gear (if needed), evening surprise!

Price : 130€+35€/person (200€ for 1 or 2 participants, 235€ for 3, 270€ for 4)

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 -Skiing trek under the stars... (some cross country skiing experience is recommended)

Duration : 3-3,5 hours

Includes : private guide service, car transport, night skiing gear, hot drinks and pastry/cookies around an open fire, evening surprise!

Price : 130€+40€/person (210€ for 1 or 2 participants, 250€ for 3, 290€ for 4...)

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-Northern light express ! (new!!)

program on process... the idea is to meet you at the center of Luosto, and from there, to drive you (in a sled pulled by snowmobile) on the top of a fell, in order to see the famous northern lights.

We'll spend the evening under the stars, on the top of a fell, far above the National Park... If we get cold, we can warm our self in a kota, by the open fire, while waiting for the magic to happen!!

program should be ready by beginning October.

... somewhere under the northern lights...

Every year, there are beetween 150 and 200 nights with northern lights  above Luosto (meaning around 50% chance per evening ! ). But, keep in mind that the northern lights are born in the upper layers of the atmosphere, and therefore, they can be observed only by a cloudless evening.

For this reason, the best "strategy" for northern lights watching is just to check the weather forecast few days in advance before your arrival. You can also check northern lights forecast websites, such as : "spaceweather.com" or "auroras now". Once you have selected the best evening, you just contact me to book this program (you can book this program by phone until 17.00 of the very same day!).

I will pick you from the location of your choice in Luosto at 20.00, and we'll decide where we go to "hunt" : If you want to hike, we put the snowshoes on, and we go to the national park to find the best spots for enjoying this magical experience in the middle of the arctic wilderness. If you prefer a program without snowshoeing, we'll go by car to a nice open shelter, where we can wait for the northern light around the fire. In both case, we'll have a warm drink and some cookies to eat during the evening. A small surprise will close this nice evening! ( Off course, you can also book this program if the sky is cloudy! night snowshoeing is really fun, animals are more active in the evening, and weather changes so fast in Lapland that there is always some hope ! )


DURATION : 3-3,5 hours       (from 20.00 to 23.00+)

PRICE : 130€+35€/person      ( 200€ for 1 or 2 participants, 235€ for 3 participants, 270€ for 4 participants....)

INCLUDES :Hot beverage and cookies/pastry, snowshoeing equipment or car transport, head lights, and a small bubbly surprise!     

Skiing trek under the stars...

The idea behind this program is just to enjoy the utter silence of the Lappish night and starlit landscapes, while skiing slowly middle of nowhere... with some luck, the northern lights will join us during our trip, transforming our night skiing adventure into an unique, mystical experience!!

You can book this program (by phone) until 18.00 of the very same day, so that we are pretty sure to ski under a clear, open sky.

I pick you from your accommodation in Luosto at 20.00, and we drive to the beginning of our skiing trip. We will ski mostly on those vasts frozen swamps in the Pyhä-Luosto national park, who are just incredibly beautiful under the stars and the moonlight. At some point during the evening, we will have a break under the stars to enjoy some hot drinks and some cookies.


DURATION : 3-3,5 hours   (from 20.00 to 23.00)

PRICE : 130€+40€/person      ( 210€ for 1 or 2 participants, 250€ for 3 participants, 290€ for 4 participants....)

INCLUDES :Hot beverage and cookies/pastry, skiing equipment, car transport, head lights, and a small bubbly surprise!