As finns say : "finnish summer is short and relatively snow-free..."

Quite true for Lapland, at least ! we can have temperatures ranging from +2C to +30C, and I have already personally seen snow coming from the sky as late as the 20th of June, or as early as the second week of August...

What is also sure, is that we have very, very long days. Acually, from end of May until mid-July, we just don't have any night at all in the region of Luosto!

All these elements, added to the different landscapes of Luosto Area ( vasts open swamps, boreal forest, hills and fells, rivers and lakes) make sure that everyone shall find an activity suitable for his/her taste!

Just pick up some outdoor clothes, a moskito spray, and check at the top of this paragraph our : land, water, or even our brand new wooden raft programs!