...what are the forest skis ?


...Skis are coming from Northern Russia and Scandinavia, and have been used in Lapland for thousands of years. (the oldest skis ever discovered are coming from Russia and date from 6300 BC, and in Finland, the oldest skis have been dated from 3300 BC, long before the beginning of reindeer husbandry !

They are just the best transportation method, far superior to snowshoes in terms of speed and range (except in steep and densely forested  areas).


Few years ago appeared a new kind of skis, designed to be a compromise between traditional cross-country skis, and snowshoes : you can glide down hill, you can go uphill using ready-made skins located under the skis, and their flottation make them "deep-snow friendly" (meaning that you can really go of tracks). They come with universal bindings, meaning that you can use them with your regular winter boots.

The good point with those skis is that they are really easy to use, even for first timers, if you select a suitable starting place. They are very stable, and the deep snow prevents you to go too fast at first. 

NB: Forest skis are not free ride skis ( so no tricks...), and not regular cross country skis either (the idea is not to do any cardio or to beat any kind of record !), they are just a fun and comfortable way to travel in the deep snow and to explore the backcountry.

- half a day skiing trip/ initiation to forest ski

Duration : 3 hours ( skiing distance  : 3-10 km, skiing speed and snow condition can affect duration )

Includes : private guide service, car transportation,  skiing gear, hot snacks around the fire.

Price : 120€+25€/pers (85€/pers for 2, 55€/pers for 4)

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-Full day skiing trek ( I strongly recommend to do a shorter forest ski program before this one, so you know what it is about!) 

Duration : 6+ hours ( skiing distance : 12-20 km, depending on snow condition)

Includes : private guide service, car transportation, skiing gear, full meal around the fire, snacks on the way.

Price : 200€+40€/person (140€/pers for 2, 90€/pers for 4)

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- Forest ski trek under the stars... (new!!)  

Duration : 3 hours ( skiing distance : 4-8km )

Includes : private guide service, car transportation, night skiing gear, hot drinks and pastry/cookies around the sled-pulled fireplace, evening surprise!

Price : 120€+30€/person (90€/pers for 2, 60€/pers for 4)

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- Visit of Lampivaara amethyst mine by ski (scroll back up and click on "AMETHYSTS OF LAMPIVAARA")

Half a day skiing trip/initiation to forest ski...

During this trip, beside learning the basics of forest ski techniques, we will discover the frozen swamps, peatlands, and the arctic wet forest areas around Luosto. (swamp edges are usually quite rich in fauna, so willow grouses, black grouses, and arctic hares are not an uncommon sight).

I pick you from the location of your choice in Luosto, and we just head for the national park... In Finland, we believe strongly in "learning-by-doing", and we will just put the skis on, and start our trip. Of course, the trip will be adapted to the level of the participants (Note : again, those skis are NOT downhill skis! they are similar in their use as classic style crosscountry skis, except that we go off-track. We don't chase steep slopes or adrenalin!!). At some point during our hike, we will have a break and make a fire in order to grill the famous Finnish sausage (aka the vegetable of the real finnish man) and to enjoy a warm drink and traditional pastry.

The whole program last 3 hours, but the distance will vary a lot depending on the snow condition ( in the deep powder snow of January, 3-4 km can be already a challenge, and on the hard morning crust of April, 10km can feel really easy)...

NB : For more information about forest skis scroll back up and read the "what are the forest skis" section !

Duration : 3hours

Skiing distance : 3 to 10km (depends so much on snow condition, and also on the level of the participants...)

Includes : private guided service, pick up by car from Luosto, skiing gear, snacks and sausage around the fire.

Price : 120€ +25€/person (85€/person for 2 participants, 65€/person for 3 participants, 55€/person for  4)

Full day skiing trip...

The full day skiing trip will take us deep into Luosto backcountry. This trip will happens mostly in the Pyhä-Luosto national park and its breath-taking arctic sceneries. You can of course book this trip all winter long, but I particularly recommend it towards the end of the winter season (from March onwards, when temperatures get milder), and during springtime, when we can find this very hard snow crust in the morning, making skiing like a dream!! For lunch, we will have a good meal around the fire in a forest camp. ( Smoke reindeer or Smoke salmon Soup, grilled sausage, washed down by a glass of delicious crowberry wine, and a pastry and hot drink for the dessert ). there will also be some snacks during the day. The skiing distance can vary a lot depending on the snow condition and the time of the year, but it can be anything from 12 to 20 km.

Duration : 6 hours+

Skiing distance : 12-20km (depends on snow conditions)

Includes : private guide service, pick up by car, skiing gear, full meal around the fire and snacks during the day.

Price : 200€ + 40€/peron (140€/person for 2 participants, ~106€/person for 3 participants, 90€/pers for 4)