-Day hike in the Pyhä-Luosto national park.

Duration :  around 5 hours

Includes : guide service, good outdoor meal by the fire in a forest camp, and beautiful arctic landscape all the time. 

Price : 150€ + 35€/person ( 220€ for 1 or 2 participants, 255€ for 3, 290€ for 4)

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-Autumn night under the northern lights.

Duration : 3+ hours

Includes : guide service, warm drinks and cookies around the fire, and a surprise to celebrate appropriately the most beautiful sky display of the arctic world. 

Price : 135€+ 30€/pers ( 195€ for 1 or 2 participants, 225€ for 3, 255€ for 4)

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Day hike in the Pyhä-Luosto national park...

This hike is the ideal way to discover the different ecosystems of Lapland in the automn, at a quiet pace.

the whole hike is about 10 to 15 km long (on agreement), and we are mostly following hiking trails and using duckboards when crossing wet areas (so regular hiking boots are enough).

I pick you from the location of your choice in Luosto at 9.30, and we will drive to the national park (10-15 min drive) where we will start our hike. We will discover the old boreal forest, go through arctic peatlands and swamp areas, and drink the pure water from clear forest streams whenever we feel thirsty. We´ll stop for a meal around the fire in a forest camp. The menu will be grilled meat  (elk, or beef entrecôte) ,  potatoes in folio with parsley butter, with a glass of  crowberry wine. For dessert, a kampanisu, a traditional Finnish pastry and coffee. On the way back, we will have the possibility to climb over the tree-line in order to have a look at the incredible Lappish panorama from above. Note : every participant should have a small day pack, and to carry his/her cutlery and a bottle of water. Remember also to have a good rain jacket, and some warm clothes later in the season (from the end of September onwards, there can be wet snow, and temperature will most probably be around 0C). 

The whole trip lasts around 5 hours (depending on our walking speed, and the length of our photo breaks!).

DURATION : Around 5 hours


PRICE : 150€ + 35€/person ( 220€ for 1 or 2 participants, 255€ for 3 participants, 290€ for 4)

INCLUDES : Guide service, lunch around the fire, snacks on the way.

Autumn night under the northern lights...

Northern lights are one of the most beautiful (and most famous) sky display of the Arctic. At the latitude of Luosto, you have statistically from 150 to 200 nights with northern lights every year! Of course, you can see those lights only by clear sky !

You can contact me up to 18.00 of the same day to book a northern light evening with arctic horizons. Just check the weather forecast of the evening, and phone to me ( Pascal : 00358 40 536 3085). If you want to book before hand, contact me, give me your dates of stay, and I reserve the first clear sky evening for you.

Starting from Luosto ( from 19.30 to 21.00 depending on the sunset time), we head for a nice open shelter, where we can wait for the northern lights around the fire. This spot is perfectly orienteed to see the northern light, without light pollution, and by the water (to catch the reflexion on the lights on the surface!). We will have some warm drinks and cookies to keep the cold at bay, and there will of course be a small bubbly surprise for you if the Northern Lihts show up!

DURATION : 3h+ (if the lights show up, we can sure stay little bit longer... )

PRICE : 135€ + 30€/person (195€ for 1-2 participants, 225€ for 3, 255€ for 4)

INCLUDES : guide service, hot drinks and snack around the fire, small surprise to close the evening.