Size of the group/general terms

Size of the group : Arctic Horizons provides only private guiding services, so the number of persons in the group for a given activity depends on the size of your group ! By group, I mean : family, friends, or you can even share the costs of a program with some people you just met during your time in Luosto (and with who you feel confortable) ! It is just that Arctic Horizons will not impose to you anybody you didn´t chose to be with !

 General terms : Arctic horizons reserves the right to change the price, the content, or the duration of any of our program without prior notice. Adverse weather conditions in particular can bring instant modifications to the duration or the content of an activity. 

 Fitness level/ Age limit

FITNESS : We are NOT an extreme sport company, our goal is to enjoy the arctic wilderness at a quiet, confortable pace. Therefore you don't need to be an athlete. You should anyway remember that some of our programs involve snowshoeing or skiing, sometimes in hilly terrain, and possibly in deep snow. While snowshoeing is technically very easy (if you know how to walk, you know how to use snowshoes!), as an average, 1 km snowshoeing (off track) corresponds to 1,5 to 2,5 km by foot, so if you opt for a full day 10 km snowshoeing trip, this corresponds to a 15-25 km walking trip, and you can expect from 5 to 6 hours of walk (without counting the breaks). Let me know beforehand if you have some physical issues or limitations ( heart problems, asthma, joints...).

AGE LIMIT/ CHILDREN : Children are much more sensitive than adults to extremely cold temperatures, and weather conditions can changes very fast in Lapland.

For this reason, I don't take children under 14 years old (in good physical condition) for full day snowshoeing/skiing trip.

If temperatures drop under -15C, and that the child/children are under 12, let me know, so that I can adapt the program accordingly beforehand.

I also don't recommend active evening programs for children under 12 years old. ( Lappish holidays are quite active, and tired children become much more cold sensitive. ).

And finally, my programs are not made  for children under 6 years old, so I don't propose any activity for families with children under 6.

Booking/ Payment

BOOKING : You will not find any online payment on this website, but if you are interested by any of my programs, contact me (preferably by email), and I will reserve a day or half a day for you.

I can send you my bank credentials (IBAN, BIC...) by email, and once the payment is done, it counts as an official booking. If you change your plans, you can cancel the deal and you will get a full refund until 5 days before the date of the program. 

I recommand to book in advance, as I work on a first-come, first-served basis, and I am alone to run the company.

PAYMENT : Like quite many of the private/independant guides of the area, if you buy the program "on the spot" (from Luosto), I take only cash payments. My office is not located in Luosto, and credit cards terminals don't like to wait in a frozen car for hours, while we are out, enjoying the Lappish wilderness...

There is no ATM in Luosto, but the local supermarket usually accept to convert visa card payment into cash.